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Shigandang Temple

Shigandang Temple was originally a stone tablet . It was built in 1894. With an area of more than six hundred square feet and a height of six metres, the Shigagang Temple in Macao is one of the two Shigagang temples in the World.  Most monuments dedicating to Shigandang are simply stone tablets. Another Shigandang Temple was built in Jinan, but the one in Macao is said to be the better one. There is a small stone carved with the name "Shigandang" in the Temple. The small stone has a longer history than the Temple. At first, the stone was placed together with the Earth God at the front gate, but later people built the Shigandang Temple for it.

Situated at Bairro de San Kio, the Chapel of Shi Gandang was constructed in the 20th year of Guangxu Reign (1894), There are couplets inscribed on the stone gate: "It is the judge of right and wrong that establishes the eternal standard; Judging not only the others but also himself, the judge engages in maintaining felicity and prosperity," The temple is dedicated to Grandpa Shi Gandang, Golden King of Xishan, God of Ziwei, Marshal Zhao (Celestial tamer of tiger), God of Wealth and Kwan Tai.