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4 観光スポット

Light of Colours

“Light of Colors” in Nam Van and Sai Van Districts will cover Anim’Arte Nam Van, Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, the White awning at Nam Van as well as St. Joseph’s Seminary Church. The route will feature a cascade projection titled “Floating Wonder”, a mega light installation “Glistening Lotus” and more, besides an encounter with “Big Mak”, a huge 12-meter-tall balloon “MAK MAK” at Anim’Arte Nam Van. Audiences can enjoy “Flow of Melody”, a piano performance paired with light installation, or shop for local signature delicacies and cultural and creative products in “Anim’Arte Market”.
Note: On the night of 31st December 2019, the light installations will be illuminated until 0:10 midnight on 1st January 2020 at Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Anim’Arte NAM VAN and White awning at Nam Van.