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Topographically, Macao has a lower elevation in the north and a higher elevation in the south, thus there are some 16 trails located primarily on Taipa and Coloane islands. These paths provide access to replanted forest areas where saplings still require care, and serve as firebreaks and access routes for fire fighters. For the vast majority of Macao’s residents and visitors, however, the primary function of these diverse trails is to facilitate exploration and enjoyment of the natural attractions of the islands.

A Grand Taipa Hiking Trail

The Grand Taipa Hiking Trail is a nature trail on Taipa Island offering sweeping views. Starting from the Taipa Grande Nature Park, the trail is some 4,000 metres long and takes about 90 minutes to walk. The first section - a wide 600-metre eco-trail – has very little incline, thus young and old can enjoy this easy hike, while the middle pedal fitness trail is more challenging. Following the stone steps, hikers can reach Taipa’s highest point 159.2 metres above sea level. Alternatively, you can head southeast along the 1,200-metre bird-watching trail, which affords opportunities to see egrets in flight and excellent views of Taipa.

B Taipa Pequena Trail 2000

This trail is 2,300 metres long, with a 2.5-metre wide pathway encircling Taipa Pequena Hill; en route you can find 5 outdoor fitness areas, a children’s playground and various leisure zones. Along this route, visitors can enjoy excellent views of the Macao Peninsula, Taipa and Hengqin Island in adjoining Zhuhai.

C Hác Sá Long Chao Kok Family Trail

The 2,150 metre-long Hác Sá Long Chao Kok Family Trail is located on the southeast coast of Coloane Island and takes about 45 minutes to walk. The circuit is divided into the Rockview Path, Seaview Path and Red Leaves Path, the only trail from which one may simultaneously enjoy views of mountains and the sea in close proximity.