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Sports & Recreation

Macao’s wide spectrum of sports and recreation facilities is sure to energize any trip to the territory! The sub-tropical climate accommodates year-round outdoor activities, whilst there are also plenty of high quality indoor venues to engage in your favourite sport, too. Karting, swimming, hiking, bowling, cycling, golfing, ice-skating, canoeing and windsurfing are just some of the sports on offer, with Macao’s various sporting complexes, infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment delivering first-class facilities.



Topographically, Macao has a lower elevation in the north and a higher elevation in the south, thus there are some 16 trails located primarily on Taipa and Coloane islands. These paths...



Taipa Island and Coloane Island are excellent choices for bicycle tours, with bicycle rental conveniently available in Taipa near Pak Tai Temple. Tour the islands at a leisurely...



Speed merchants can find the 50,000 sq. m. 1.2 km kart race track adjoining Caesars Golf Macau near Seac Pai Van Park on Coloane Island. Ranked one of the most challenging tracks in Asia...



The Macau Golf & Country Club, located on the south side of Coloane Island near the Grand Coloane Resort, is one of the most beautiful - and challenging! - championship golf courses...