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“Mak Mak” Profile

Hello everyone! I'm “Mak Mak”! I am a lively and active girl with the mission to promote Macao, and I am actively promoting Macao in tourism activities both locally and abroad. Being the Macao Tourism Mascot, I definitely bring out the spirit of hospitality, guiding visitors to explore Macao and experience its diverse tourism attractions.

Name: Mak Mak
(MACAU is the Portuguese name of the city. The name of the mascot was obtained from the first syllable of MACAU, pronounced as “Mak Mak”.)
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Macao
Personality: Optimistic, mischievous, adventurous
Favourite Food: Fish, nuts, codfish and mashed potato
Occupation: Macao Tourism Mascot
Self Introduction: I love to find interesting things to share with my friends, and because of this I often fly off to the unknown, and compared to flying in the sky, I prefer lying on the grass looking at the starry night sky.

“Mak Mak” is a black-faced spoonbill, its design inspired by the Guia Lighthouse, based on the idea of being a explorer mascot, it is a reference to its migratory habits and travels through many places like a travel pathfinder. The hues of grey, red, yellow and blue on “Mak Mak” bring out a European aroma, not too extravagant. The mouth is smaller than in reality, which makes it look cuter.

Pathfinder Hat
A magical hat based on the design concept of Guia Lighthouse that stores all the information on Macao's festivals, tourism and weather changes.

Chest Badge
“Mak Mak” really loves this badge, based on the concept of the window of Chapel of Our Lady of Guia, and she wears on her chest every day before going out.

The Lantern
The lantern existed before “Mak Mak” was born, and it is “Mak Mak’s” most beloved treasure.

In October 2017, MGTO organized the Design Contest for “Macao Tourism Mascot” in order to collect outstanding original entries from Macao, to create a good and friendly image of Macao through the mascot and enhancing the effectiveness of tourism promotion. Upon two rounds of judging, “Mak Mak” was selected among 111 entries and started its mission of “Macao Tourism Mascot” since April 2018.

“Mak Mak” Interaction Agenda

From time to time, I participate in local tourism events to meet and take photos with visitors and the public. For different occasions, I would dress up according to the theme of the event so that I can be more involved in the atmosphere! You are welcome to jot down my whereabouts, come and explore Macao with me!

To ensure that you get the most accurate information, please check with the organizer for details of the activity.

“Mak Mak” Cultural & Creative Products

Macao's cultural and creative industries have developed different cultural tourism products and experiences under the theme of “Mak Mak”, such as travel souvenirs, lifestyle products, clothing, food, storybooks and exhibitions, etc. A total of 288 products have been launched in the market.

Plush Toys
Travel Products
Daily Essential Products
Clothing, Shoes & Hats
Handbags & Accessories
Digital Products
Published Books

“Mak Mak” Work Footprints

I have participated in many events and the participants liked me very much, they all take photos and play with me. It makes me happy whenever I see people smiling and I like everyone too!

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