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The Patane Library

The Patane Library, opened on 9th December 2016, is comprised of a group of seven old buildings with a history of over 80 years. Built in the 1930s, the buildings of the Patane Library are typical arcade buildings along the coast of the Inner Harbour. Arcade buildings feature an architectural form combining the architectural features of both Europe and Southeast Asia, and only a few arcade buildings are left in Macao at present.

The three-storey Patane Library covers an area of around 1,130 square metres, and provides approximate 165 seats for readers. In addition to the reading service of newspapers and magazines, the library also provides other basic services such as access to the general collection and children’s collection. The library, dedicated to film and music, features a multimedia zone for holding regular film screenings, concerts and other activities. The library holds about 22,319 volumes, 4,788 audiovisual materials, 88 types of newspapers and 549 types of magazines, in order to satisfy the reading demands of readers in the Patane and nearby districts, hoping to create an environment with a reading atmosphere for residents.