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행사: 2023/10

Radiant October - A Celebration of Unbridled Joy

Entering October, the whole city is enveloped in the festive vibes and filled with joy! The "31st Macao International Fireworks Display Contest" & "Firework Festival" (1st & 7th Oct) kicks off the National Day Golden Week with dazzling fireworks. The "35th Macao International Music Festival" (1st to 30th Oct) presents a series of music extravaganzas for music enthusiasts. There is also the "Government Headquarters Open Day" (21st & 22nd Oct) for everyone to participate, the "Ocktoberfest Macau at MGM 2023" (12th to 23rd Oct) to chill out with friends, together with the "2nd Crunch and Munch Fair in Macau - Fiesta for Five" (19th to 29th Oct) and "Broadway Food & Craft Festival" (1st to 8th Oct) for all to savour a variety of delicious dishes.

This month, Macao showcases its dynamic side with "The 10th International Lion Dance Championship 2023 - MGM Cup" & "MGM Lion Dance Festival" (1st to 7th Oct), as well as the renowned "2023 SJM Macao Open" (12th to 15th Oct), reflecting an outstanding traditional folk art originated in China.


Highlights Preview

November in Macao is a time of exhilaration and celebration, with the highlight being the "70th Macau Grand Prix" (11th, 12th, 16th to 19th Nov) spanning two weekends, featuring high-octane races and an array of events to mark its platinum jubilee. Additionally, the "23rd Macau Food Festival" (17th Nov to 3rd Dec) promises a delectable culinary adventure, extending a warm welcome to all food enthusiasts. And that's not all! Don't miss out the "Tap Siac Craft Market" (16th to 19th, 23rd to 26th Nov) and the "Va Kong Celebrations X San Kio Youth Dream Market" (10th to 12th Nov), which showcase a diverse array of cultural and creative products, making November in Macao a month brimming with endless excitement and surprises!


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