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เดือน: 2024/6

Indulging in delicious Macao

The city offers a wide array of delights to suit all tastes this June

Calling all food enthusiasts: June is the perfect time to visit Macao and savour its distinctive flavours. Embracing its UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy status, Macao hosts the exciting International Cities of Gastronomy Fest, Macao (Jun 14th-23rd).

After enjoying Macao's delicacies, visitors can burn off some of those extra calories via adrenalin-boosting spectacles. Sports enthusiasts should head to Nam Van Lake for the 2024 SJM Macao International Dragon Boat Races (Jun 8th-10th), featuring local and international teams in festive competition.

The annual Procession of St. Anthony (Jun 15th) honours one of the Catholic saints most revered in Macao. The Feast of Na Tcha (Jun 19th-23rd) continues one of the city's preeminent distinctive cultural traditions, featuring religious rituals and folk activities dedicated to this Taoist deity, believed to be the protector of children.

Culture enthusiasts will be inspired by a variety of entertainment offerings. They include Dongpo: Life in Poems (Jun 21st-22nd), a dance performance inspired by the life and writings of Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo. Visitors can also experience the magic of Disney's "Aladdin" in Concert Live to Film (Jun 1st-2nd) and the enchanting Raining Petals – An Orchestral Re-imagining: Floral Princess Crossover Creation (Jun 8th-9th), both featuring the Macao Orchestra.

Whether to nourish the body, soul, or senses, Macao has something memorable to offer all visitors in June!


Highlights Preview

Get your dancing shoes on to start the summer holiday season this July! The Student and Youth Show in Celebration of Macao's Return to the Motherland cum International Youth Dance Festival (Jul 20th-25th) gives visitors a chance to groove to music from around the world.

For culture fans, the Kuan Tai Celebrations (Jul 29th) – one of the riches of Macao's intangible cultural heritage – are a must-see. Taoism reveres the deity Kuan Tai for his righteousness and bravery, and several local temples are dedicated to him.

Visitors seeking shopping therapy should mark their calendars for the Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair (Jul 25th-28th). It promises a treasure trove of quality goods from Macao and cities in Guangdong province, all presented at one venue.

Macao, known as a "City of Performing Arts", offers during July a particularly vibrant musical scene. The Macao Orchestra and the Macao Chinese Orchestra are wrapping up their respective concert seasons on high notes: "Pushing Boundaries – Nobuyuki Tsujii with Macao Orchestra" (Jul 27th) and "Southland · Four Seasons" (Jul 28th). Lovers of Cantopop and K-pop music have a variety of options, from Melco Style's Residency Concert Series: Joey Yung Eternity Concert 2024 (Jul 13th-14th, 20th-21st and 27th-28th) to 2024 KEYLAND ON: AND ON ASIA TOUR in Macau (Jul 28th), and B.I 2024 Tour HYPE UP in MACAU (Jul 13th).

Even as the heat rises in Macao, tourists can enjoy plenty of 'cool' events across the city!


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