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Tin Hau Temple in Taipa

It’s widely believed to be one of the oldest known temples on the island. There’s no way to locate the exact year it was built, but should be no later than 1785. It is because of a historical trace found on the old bell of the temple, upon which the inscription “Made in the 50th year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign (1785)” is crafted. The Temple is dedicated to Tin Hau (Heavenly Empress), popularly known as A-Ma , who can make prophecy in her mortal life and has the mythic power to save boats and drowning people from danger. It is apparent that the Goddess is much venerated by the fishing and trading population. It was originally a large and remarkable temple, where many precious relics such as old tablets, a bell and altars of incense were stored. In fact, only the Main Hall dedicating to Tin Hau remains in the temple today.