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90 minutes 8 Sights

Portuguese Ambiance Tour at Taipa Island

Wander around the alleys of Taipa Village, a place where you can enjoy the historic buildings and sites of the East and the West while exploring the hidden authentic delicacy. You can also check in the popular hotspots and experience the dazzling entertainment offered by the large-scale integrated resorts nearby for an extraordinary journey.


Calçada do Quartel

The eye catching coloured buidings located on both sides of the alley of Calçada do Quartel, not only are they decorated in colourful graffiti, there are also many specialty eateries...


Mural at Rua do Sol Nº 8-16

Rua do Cunha is surrounded by many specialty restaurants and retail shops, among them, local illustrator glamorized the atmosphere of a small alley nearby, namely Rua do Sol, with...


Pak Tai Temple in Taipa

As one of the remarkable temples in Taipa, Pak Tai Temple has a rich history stretching back to 160 years ago, according to a stele with carved inscription in the temple. A worship pavilion...


Tin Hau Temple in Taipa

It’s widely believed to be one of the oldest known temples on the island. There’s no way to locate the exact year it was built, but should be no later than 1785. It is because...