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Bungy Jump, SkyJump, Skywalk and Tower Climb

Bungy Jump, SkyJump, Skywalk and Tower Climb

Freefall from the World’s Highest Commercial Bungy Jump platform at speeds of up to 200km/h for the ultimate rush! Plunging from a platform 233m high, challengers will experience freefall for an adrenalin-pumping 4-5 seconds...

SkyJump utilizes the technology of ‘Fan Descenders’ to enable daredevils to fly through the air - feet first - at 75km/h, without rebounding or inverting, before decelerating to a comfortable landing speed upon reaching the ground.

Skywalk is a family favorite and fun for all ages thrilling walk around the main outer rim of the tower, 233 metres above ground. Safety is guaranteed by a world-first overhead rail system... but there’s no handrail!

Finally, conquer Macao’s highest summit, at 338 metres, and stand atop a man-made tower by climbing 100 metres up the mast’s vertical ladder, with Tower Climb.

(Photo: AJ Hackett Macau Tower)