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Yueju Opera (Cantonese Opera)

Yueju Opera (Cantonese Opera)

Yueju Opera - employing the Cantonese dialect as its medium of expression, and prevalent throughout Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao - dates back some 300 years. Yueju Opera is the most influential opera in Southern China, and was listed as a "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO in September 2009.

A Alegria Cinema

The over sixty-year-old Alegria Cinema is located at the intersection of Travessa da Corda and Estrada do Repouso of San Kio area, a densely populated and historic district of Macao. It was built under the initiative of a group of Chinese merchants headed by Ho Yin, an eminent social figure of the past.

Besides movie screening, the cinema was equipped with a large stage in 1957 to turn it into a major venue for holding community activities and Cantonese opera performances in Macao. Famed Cantonese opera troupes of Hong Kong, like Chor Fung Ming, and reputable opera artists like Lam Ka Sing, graced the stage of the cinema. Local singing associations are its regular users and community activities of different natures are held.

It has been the venue for the annual celebration to mark the National Day of China while table tennis tournament, chess game (one player against five players at the same time), acrobatic shows and “hard-qigong” presentation were some of its previous events.

B Kam Pek Community Centre