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A dazzling smorgasbord of shows can now be enjoyed in entertaining Macau! Presented on a regular basis, it’s best to plan wisely by checking on performance schedules so you can enjoy a full day – and night – of excitement in the many venues offering top-line international and regional entertainment.


Eiffel Tower and Light Show

Located at The Parisian Macao, Eiffel Tower is approximately 162m high with 2 observation decks on 7 th  and 37 th  floor. Visitors can take the elevator to reach the top...
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The SkyCab is the best way for tourists to enjoy a ride overlooking Cotai and the Performance Lake from 28m up. The SkyCab seats six guests per cab, moving clockwise around the lake...
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Performance Lake

The Performance Lake - located in the open area in front of Wynn - features lofty plumes of water and shimmering fire which dance through the air to the strains of classical and popular...
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Tree of Prosperity

The iconic golden Tree of Prosperity - featuring over 2,000 branches and 98,000 leaves comprising 24-karat gold leaf and brass leaf - is a stunning symbol of auspiciousness...
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Dragon of Fortune

Temporarily closed
Symbolizing vitality, good fortune and well-being, the Dragon of Fortune dramatically combines traditional sculptural art, modern lighting and audio enhancements to stunning...
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MGM Aquarium

Located at the heart of Grande Praça, the breathtaking cylindrical MGM Aquarium, with 8.3 meters in height, 200 tons in weight, 5 meters in diameter, gives a 360-degree unobstructed...
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Fortune Diamond

The 3-metre tall Fortune Diamond located in the hotel lobby of Galaxy Macau is based on the resplendent plumes of the peacock. Rising from behind a waterfall and slowly sinking into...
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Yueju Opera (Cantonese Opera)

Yueju Opera - employing the Cantonese dialect as its medium of expression, and prevalent throughout Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao - dates back some 300 years. Yueju Opera...


Macau Tower, Cineteatro Macau, Cinema Alegria and UA Galaxy cinemas screen a variety of movies, in air-conditioned comfort and big silver screen format, and the Macao Cultural Centre...