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Vasco da Gama Garden

The Vasco da Gama Garden and the Victory Garden were created at the end of the 19th century. They used to be part of a long avenue, the Avenida Vasco da Gama built in 1898, to comemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the fleet of Vasco da Gama to India. Ficus rumphii trees were planted along this road, 500 meters long and 65 meters wide. These trees, some of them still in existence, gave a country look to this road.

In the Vasco da Gama garden, a bust of the Portuguese navigator, in 1911 work of sculptor Tomás da Costa, stands out. Recent renovations add freshness to the this place, a new lake in the shape of waves was placed in the lower level of the garden and a new fountain with waterspouts surround the bust of the portuguese navigator. This garden has an area of 5000 square metres.

Source: IAM