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Lin Kai Temple

(Stream of Mourning Temple)

Dating from the 17th century, this temple occupies a square off Estrada do Repouso in the Patane district, where a regular flea market is held. The temple has facade with some fine granite carvings on the walls and ridgepole and large Chinese lion statues on the roof.

The main hall is dedicated to Ua Kuong, the dark-faced god who protects against fire. He is attended by Thousand-Li Eye and Favourable-Wind Ear. In one adjoining hall are goddesses associated with childbirth and rearing. Along the walls are 18 statues of goddesses with children, brightly coloured and expressive clay figures of the 60' year' gods. In another hall is a row of six Buddhist pusas. Kun Iam in her fringed-veil head-dress is worshipped in one of the halls where she shares an altar with a statue of Kwan Tai. A further hall is dedicated to the Monkey God, a popular character from Taoist mythology and hero of the literary epic monkey. The Lin Kai Temple supports a hospital and poor people's home. The festival of Ua Kuong is celebrated on the 28th day of the ninth moon.