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Art & Cultural Tour in St. Lazarus Parish

Ride the cable car up to the highest Guia Hill of Macao Peninsula, and take a relaxing stroll through Macao's urban green spaces. St. Lazurus Parish is located at the bottom of Guia Hill, where the streets are criss-crossed with classical buildings, and is home to many cultural and creative art groups. You will be dwelled in the relaxing atmosphere and the preserved cultural ambience in this creative district.


Flora Garden

The European-style Flora Garden, situated at the base of Guia Hill parallel to the Avenida Sid-nio Pais. It was formerly the grounds of the Flora Palace, an aristocratic Portuguese...

Cable Car

The Guia Hill dominates the Macao peninsula and its top offers the best landscape views in town, namely the Pearl River and the surrounding islands. If you go in through the Flora Garden...

Guia Fortress (including Guia Chapel and Lighthouse)

The fortress was built between 1622 and 1638. Inside the fortress stands Guia Chapel, originally established by Clarist nuns, who resided at the site before establishing the Convent...
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Lou Lim Ioc Garden

The most Chinese of all of Macao's gardens is the Lou Lim Ioc Garden. It was built by a wealthy 19th century Chinese merchant, Lou Kau, and was inherited by his son Lou Lim Ioc in 1906. When...

Tap Seac Gallery

An exciting gallery devoted to promoting both cultural and artistic exhibitions has been opened in Macao on 5th Dec. 2003. The Tap Seac Gallery, which is being financed and managed...

Albergue SCM (Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericórdia)

St. Lazarus District has served as a base for the development of Macao’s cultural and creative industries in recent years. Located in the district, Albergue SCM features a...
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10 Fantasia - A Creative Industries Incubator

Located in St. Lazarus Parish and established in 2008, 10 Fantasia – resplendent with 2 exhibition halls and 10 showrooms – displays and promotes the products of Macao’s...
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