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50 minutes 7 Sights

Tranquility Tour in Coloane Village

Setting foot in Coloane Village is just like stepping into a time-machine, where natural landscape and the seashore of Hengqin come into view. Walking through the alleys to look for places of interests and local delicacy. You can also shop for local fishery products, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a quaint fishing village.


Coloane Pier

Rebuilt in 1873, the Pier had been a crucial public ferry terminal between Coloane, Taipa and Macao Peninsula, where small vessels were berthed, before Estrada do Istmo and the Governor...


Sam Seng Temple in Coloane

Built in the 4 th year of the reign of Emperor Tongzhi (1865), the Temple is small in scale . From the couplet of the entrance, you may learn about the history of the island, which was once...


Tam Kong Temple

This temple, with a fine toll roof decorated with porcelain figures, is dedicated to Tam Kong, a Taoist god of seafarers. Beside his image, the temple contains a four feet long model...