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Travelling to Macao

By Air

Macau International Airport operates 24 hours a day, with many visitors entering the territory via numerous major cities around the region. For detailed information on flight schedules, please visit or dial +853 2886 1111.

To read the Regulations on Liquids Carried in Passenger Hand Baggage, please visit

For detailed information on immigration and customs formalities, visit and

Transportation Service to and from Macau International Airport

All major hotels provide a pick-up service which can be booked in advance or arranged upon arrival.

Taxis are conveniently available from the taxi rank outside the airport. A surcharge of MOP5.00 is applicable, with each item of luggage carried in the boot charged at MOP3.00.

A number of buses serving the airport – marked AP1, AP1X, MT1, MT4, N2, 26, 36, 51A & 51X - criss-cross the city and stop at major hotels.

Macau International Airport is strategically located in Taipa near various ports and convenient transportation routes. Depending on traffic flow, it takes about 15 minutes to travel by car from the airport to Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal on Macao Peninsula, 5 minutes to the nearby Taipa Ferry Terminal, 20 minutes to the Border Gate, 10 minutes to the Macao Port Zone of Hengqin Port, 20 minutes to the central district on Macao Peninsula, and 10 minutes to Taipa Village. The airport is well served by air-conditioned taxis, public buses and hotel shuttle buses.

Airport route ferry and cross-boundary bus services are available for passengers travelling to Macao directly via Hong Kong International Airport.

The inauguration of Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macao Bridge allows tourists to enter Macao by vehicles. Tourists can take shuttle buses to enter Macao.

    • Shuttle Bus
      The shuttle bus provides service connecting Hong Kong and Macao ports. For details, please contact:

      Tourists may continue their journey by taxi or bus - routes 101X or 102X once arriving the Macao port.

    • Cross-boundary Coach
      Cross-boundary coaches provide services between urban areas of Hong Kong and Macao with fixed pick up/drop-off points and fixed schedules. For details, please contact:

The Kee Kwan Motor Road Co. and China Travel Service (Macao) Ltd. operate a roundtrip air-conditioned bus service from major cities in Guangdong Province to Macao. The buses arrive at Gongbei Port in Zhuhai, from where you may go through the checkpoints at GongbeiPort and Border Gate to Macao. For enquiries, please call:

In addition, coach companies offer direct bus services from Macau International Airport to major cities in Guangdong Province.
Enquiry hotline: +853 2888 1228

Gateways available from Mainland China to Macao by land:

    • The Border Gate
      Opening hours: 6:00am to 1:00am
    • Macao Port Zone of Hengqin Port
      Opening hours: 24 hours
    • The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Frontier Post at Macao Port
      8:00am to 10:00pm: Tourists from Zhuhai can travel to Macao via the Frontier Post on foot.
    • Qingmao
      Opening hours: 24 hours (for passengers allowed)

  • TurboJET
    TurboJET provides ferry service between Hong Kong (Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal) and Macao (Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal or Taipa Ferry Terminal). Travel time is approximately 1 hour .
    For enquiries, please call: Website:
  • Cotai Water Jet
    The travel time for this ferry service between Hong Kong (Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal) and Macao (Taipa Ferry Terminal) is approximately 1 hour.
    For bookings, please call: Website:
  • Yuet Tung Shipping Co. Ltd.
    The Yuet Tung Shipping Co. Ltd. offers a ferry service between Macao Taipa Ferry Terminal and Shenzhen Shekou.
    For enquiries, please call: Macao +853 2885 0272.
  • TurboJET offers a ferry service between Macao Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal and Shenzhen Shekou.
    For enquiries, please call: Macao +853 8790 6203. Website:
  • Yuet Tung Shipping Co. Ltd. offers ferry service between Macao and Zhuhai:
    - Macao Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal ↔ Zhuhai Wanzai Pier
    - Macao Taipa Ferry Terminal ↔ Zhuhai Guishan Island
    For enquiries, please call: Macao +853 2885 0272.