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Flower Viewing



Blossoming in winter, mume is listed as one of “The Four Gentlemen” along with orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo. Besides, mume, pine and bamboo are also known as the “three friends...
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Common Camellia

As one of the ten most famous flowers in China, common camellia demonstrates her beauty with single or double-petalled in a variety of colour and postures. It is a traditional ornamental...
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Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossoms planted in Macao include Bellflower Cherry (Prunus campanulata) and Guangzhou Cherry (Cerasus yunnanensis “Guangzhou”). After leaf abscission, the small...
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Since ancient times, peach trees have been considered celestial plants which scare ghosts away. As peach trees usually blossom around the Lunar New Year, they are also used as a festive...
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Trumpet Tree

Exclusively blossoming in spring, trumpet trees are covered with flowers in yellow (golden trumpet trees) or pink (pink trumpet trees), and they may even look like a sea of blossoms...
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In the past, the mountains and fields were covered with the red blossoms of azalea at the first call the cuckoo each year, so azalea was named after cuckoo in Chinese. Flowering period...
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Rangoon Creeper

Its inflorescence may change colour from white to pink, with its flowers resembling opened umbrellas suspended on vines.  Flowering period: from May to June. Vantage points: Rua...
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Flame Tree

Since its petals are red and have a feathery appearance, the flower of the flame tree looks like a phoenix reborn in flames and hence its name. Flowering period: from May to July. Vantage...
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Spider Tree

Its inflorescence is originally in the form of a yellow embroidered ball. However, as the stamens and pistils transmit and receive pollen, long filaments grow out from the flowers...
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As the saying goes, lotus flowers growing in sludge remain unblemished, representing the characteristics of the people of Macao. Moreover, their multi-coloured and charming appearances...
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Its most distinctive feature is its leaves which are shaped like goat hooves. There are many species of Bauhinia which blooms in many colours, e.g. the red series: Bauhinia purpurea...
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Beautiful Bougainvillea

The “paper” flowers, which are commonly seen, are actually bracts. The small white flowers inside them are the actual flowers.  Flowering period: from November to March of the following...
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Silk Floss Tree

The Silk Floss Tree is also called “beauty tree” in Chinese as the base of the thorny tree trunk is wine bottle-shaped, resembling the postures of women of different body shapes in ancient...
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