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Treasure of Sacred Art

The Spanish Dominicans built the Church of S. Domingos (St. Dominic's) during the 1590s along with a convent, which unfortunately no longer exists. The church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. Initially was built of wood but during the 17th century it was replaced by an imposing structure, which included three naves. In the 18th century in line with the popular architecture of the time it was decorated in the colonial baroque style together with decorative motives characteristic of the region, a fact that contributes to its unique features.

The Museum of the Church of S. Domingos (Treasure of Sacred Art) is now located in the buildings adjacent to the church and it has been open to visitors since 1997. When the Religious Order was abolished in Portugal in 1834, the church received a great number of religious artefacts that are presently on show in the museum, which occupies what is left of the ancient cloisters and also other rooms connected to the church.

The visitor should start in the church, which was carefully restored in 1994, enabling them to somehow experience the atmosphere of ancient Catholic missions in China. Then go upstairs to the museum in order to admire the rich collection of gold objects, statues, richly ornamented canonicals, religious paintings as well as a number of liturgical vessels. Many of the pieces exhibited are from Macao but there are also some from other parts of Asia, namely India. On the whole there are around 300 excellent pieces dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries.