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Agência Comercial Pan Ásia

Good source, Good Products, Good Prices This shop focuses on the wholesale and retail of organic agricultural products from Sri Lanka and Middle East, including organic virgin...
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Alua E Comidas Portuguesa Kam In

Golden Churn Butter, Indian almonds, flour and milk can be used only on the third day after completion of their fermentation. Fermentation in day one, relentless stirring in day two...
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Casa de Bolos Man Kei

Casa de Bolos Man Kei is a small shop that has a style of its own and has been very much loved by locals and Hong Kong visitors since its opening. Its signature Curry Egg Rolls are freshly...
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Centro de Desenvolvimento E Venda Va Lun

A hundred teas, a hundred flavours of life. All in Va Luen Va Luen, also known as Macau Va Luen Tea Company, was founded by Mr. Chang Chi Fai in 1965. It was registered as Macau Va Luen Tea...
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Cinco de Outubro Pastelaria

Adjacent to the Inner Harbour piers, Rua de Cinco de Outubro (October Fifth Street), also known as Rua Sei Mang, has a history of over a hundred years. It used to be a bustling and crowded...
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Companhia de Lembranças Portuguese Street Lda.

Portuguese crafts – What matters for travel gifts is not price, but meaning The walls and tables of Portuguese Street are stocked with a large variety of Portuguese souvenirs, including...
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Companhia de Produtos Da China

Realizing the abundance of resources, the fast development of industrial and agricultural production and the low price but high quality of products of China after visiting a trade...
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Feira de Formosa

Ho Ho Market hopes to spend good times with you Good stories happened in our lives are worth being remembered. Triggering those good memories with an item or a piece of food. Ho Ho Market...
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Hei Lam Mun

Our noodles are still young after 60 years Hei Lam Mun has been selling raw noodles on Rua de Cinco de Outubro since 1958. Its name on the signboard is not just an identity, but also recognition...
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Joc Square

JOC SQUARE is an original work shop opened in Macao’s Taipa Village in 2016. All of its products are fine realizations of its design concepts. The shop’s original brand Batata won the...
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Lane de Peixe Ieng Lei

The island of Coloane used to be just a little fishing village, with fishing boats bringing home fresh marine products every day. However, as time goes by, its role as a fishing village...
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Basing itself on Macao’s culture, O-moon adheres to product differentiation by blending the art of hand drawing with Macao’s culture and specializing in practical accessories...
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Old Cherykoff Macau

Cherykoff Nougat is a Macao specialty food which is said to be originated from Russia. Old Cherykoff Macau is a shop which has been making nougats in Macao in early years, with a dedication...
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Pan Fong

Sharing gourmet pastries with gourmet lovers around the world Established in 1936, Pan Fong Bakery has been in the pastry-making business for over 80 years and passed down to the third...
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Quarter Square

The name “Quarter Square” intends to convey that it is a diversified shop. To ordinary people, it is a coffee shop and gift shop; to designers, it is a muse; to artists, it is a good place...
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Si Heung

Flavour of Macao at its fullest Rua do Infante of Macao hides an inconspicuous small shop. Even though the surrounding shops have already been refurbished, it still retains a nostalgic...
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